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Institut Teknologi dan Sains Bandung, 2nd Floor, Rectorate Guest Room, Kota Deltamas
March, 13th – 14th 2017

ITSB SC of SPWLA cooperated with Petroleum Engineering Department ITSB and Lloyd’s Register, made an education enhancement program by requested licenses of IPTM (Interactive Petrophysics) is worth 50,000 USD/license and ICTM (Instant Clarity) is worth 40,000 USD/license with total 810,000 USD worth. Therefore, ITSB SC of SPWLA collaborated with Lloyd’s Register to conduct “IPTM (Interactive Petrophysics) & ICTM (Instant Clarity) Software Training”. The event which was attended by 20 participants consist of ITSB SC of SPWLA Board members, was held on Institut Teknologi dan Sains Bandung, 2nd Floor, Rectorate Guest Room, Kota Deltamas.

The trainer of this software training is Ms. Fuziana Rozalli. She is trainer lv. 2 from Lloyd’s Register Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She said that just took all the opportunity that she had before until finally she could work at Lloyd’s Register as a Software Instructor. The session of the software workshop was divided into two days which are the introduction about the software and the main software workshop itself, 1 day for IPTM (Interactive Petrophysics) and  1 day for ICTM (Instant Clarity). She started her presentation with the introduction of IPTM (Interactive Petrophysics) & ICTM (Instant Clarity)  software and the use of it.  IP™ helps us determine the amount of hydrocarbons in our reservoir. It does this by calculating porosity and water saturation using well logging data. But IP™ is more than just petrophysics. It is also a tool for geologists and Reservoir Engineers who want to take control of their analysis and interpretation. IP™ is easy to learn so that you get going quickly, able to focus on accurate calculations that get the most out of your reservoir. IP™’s intuitive interface runs on robust algorithms and provides these benefits:

Diminished uncertainty in your interpretation
Fast results due to the ease of learning IP™
Flexibility so that you work the way you want to work

Whether it's used for a single workflow on a single well, or as a complete solution for multi well projects, IP offers technical excellence at a competitive price.

Meanwhile, IC™ is a powerful tool used to store and visualise well data. It is a simple but powerful data integration and data management platform. IC™ is designed for Geologists, Data Managers, Petrophysicists, and Engineers who are tasked with taking control of the integration and interpretation of well data. IC™ is highly collaborative; it allows users to make the most of the data available enabling insightful discussions and informed decision making throughout the entire life cycle of an asset. ICTM platform’s modern, intuitive and flexible interface allows you to focus on what the data is telling you about the subsurface so that you can complete your own workflows. The simple modular breakdown of IC™ ensures the collection of tools available to each user is fit-for-purpose and cost-effective.

Each days, training starts with the material briefing and followed by exercises that given in module. First day starts with question, “have ever used IP before, please rise your hand?” Some students rose  their hand because they had IP training before. Then, material of IPTM such as : Introduction, curve editing, calculation, clay volume, porosity, saturation, cut off and summations.

First day end up well and both Trainer and Trainee were really excited and showed off their eagerness and curiosity. On the Second day, everyone didn’t have idea about ICTM Software. So, training starts with set up the training database followed by IC Geology Training and Data Management. All the data and information have been prepared by the trainer. Actually the guideline book and module are very helpful because it makes us know the steps of using the software and also the features in it, so we had a better fundamental knowledge of using the software properly. It guided us until we can finally find the main things that we would like to know. Ms.

Fuziana Rozalli also assisted us if there are some questions about the details of the software or something which wasn’t listed on the guideline book and module.

The participants showed their enthusiasm toward this training. There were a lot of participants who asked some questions about the software and the features in its IPTM (Interactive Petrophysics) & ICTM (Instant Clarity) Software. Finally, the software training was closed by giving memento session to Lloyd’s Register Indonesia by Petroleum Engineering Department ITSB Chief, Lloyd’s Register Malaysia by President of ITSB SC of SPWLA and a photo session with the trainer and all of the participants.